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475th Fighter team КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ 475th Fighter workforce (Aviation Elite devices 23)By John Stanaway writer: Osprey Publishing2007128 PagesISBN: 1846030439 PDF64 MBFormed with the simplest to be had fighter pilots within the Southwest Pacific, the 475th Fighter workforce used to be the puppy venture of 5th Air strength leader, common George C Kenney. From the time the gang entered wrestle in August 1943 until eventually the top of the warfare it was once the quickest scoring team within the Pacific and remained one of many crack fighter devices within the whole US military Air Forces with a last overall of a few 550 credited aerial victories. among its pilots have been the best American aces of all time, Dick Bong and Tom McGuire, with high-scoring pilots Danny Roberts and John Loisel additionally serving with the 475th. This publication information those pilots, the planes they flew and the campaigns and battles they fought in together with such recognized names as Dobodura, the Huon Gulf, Oro Bay, Rabaul, Hollandia, the Philippines and Luzon.Uploading BitroadDepositfiles eighty five

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