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By P. David Marshall

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Companion to Celebrity provides a multi-disciplinary selection of unique essays that discover myriad concerns on the subject of the origins, evolution, and present tendencies within the box of famous person studies.

  • Offers a close, systematic, and transparent presentation of all facets of famous person reports, with a constitution that rigorously construct its enquiry
  • Draws at the most up-to-date scholarly advancements in star analyses
  • Presents new and provocative methods of exploring celebrity’s meanings and textures
  • Considers the progressive ways that new social media have impacted at the creation and intake of celebrity 

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As the chapters in Part One reveal, the genealogy of celebrity has produced an intriguing discourse about the public self and its connection to the way the private and the public are presented via individuals and represented and valorized by media Introduction to Part One 19 and cultural institutions as much as by the audiences they generate. Examining the historical dimensions that inform our current celebrity culture makes it clearer how celebrity as a discursive formation – to use a Foucauldian turn of phrase – is an incredibly active and enduring site for the debate and contestation of identity and individualization and the articulation of cultural power through these tropes of the self.

Not that his conquests were at all unwilling. Desire and fame swept them into his arms. He remains a byword for his kind of good looks; his merry, teasing, tender, offhand personality shines out from the poems as unmistakably as it must have done on the way to bed. Byron knew what he was doing, all right, and loved it. He dramatized the latest version of fame and of success in life: good looks, great gifts, and impulsive, dashing action, all set off by the gleam and reek of scandal. Both author and his audience adored the tales of misdemeanor and discovered the life in the poetry, as was the point.

Yes, factories have closed, people travel by car instead of buses, use YouTube rather than the cinema. But these shifts alone fail to explain the speed of our social collapse. These structural changes have been accompanied by a life-denying ideology, which enforces and celebrates our social isolation. The war of every man against every man – competition and individualism, in other words – is the religion of our time, justified by a mythology of lone rangers, sole traders, selfstarters, self-made men and women, going it alone.

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