Abigail (People of the Promise, No 7) - download pdf or read online

By James R. Shott

ISBN-10: 0585271046

ISBN-13: 9780585271040

ISBN-10: 0836190300

ISBN-13: 9780836190304

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They too had the fierce outdoor look of men who lived a wilderness life. She could only see about twenty of them, but there must be more just over the ridge. One of the young men, a fierce warrior with curly brown hair and beard, spoke boldly. " This brought a loud whoop of laughter from the men. Abigail felt her face burning as the meaning of the crude youth's remark burst upon her. She set her jaw firmly as she rose to her feet. "My lord David," she said, anger giving her voice a firmness it did not have before.

There was little for the bodyguard to do. They spread themselves out over the estate, tending sheep, working the gardens, or just lounging in the courtyard talking idly. Shua fed them. Abigail avoided them. She could not avoid Shammah, however. He seemed to force his company upon her. At first she resented him, with his boorish manners and brash talk. But as the days turned into weeks, he became a diversion.

Page 14 She turned to the young servant. " Hezro grinned in his boyish way. "He said there's going to be a lot of trouble for our master and his family. " Abigail wondered if the last statement was a quote from the cousin or an expression of Hezro's opinion. Probably both. Well, no time to do anything about that now. "Get on with your work. " She turned abruptly and went into the house. Before sunrise Abigail rose and dressed carefully in a clean new robe. She tumbled Shua out of bed to help her with her hair.

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Abigail (People of the Promise, No 7) by James R. Shott

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