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By Jerome Bruner

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Jerome Bruner argues that the cognitive revolution, with its present fixation on brain as "information processor;" has led psychology clear of the deeper aim of figuring out brain as a author of meanings. simply through breaking out of the constraints imposed via a computational version of brain do we seize the precise interplay by which brain either constitutes and is constituted by means of tradition.

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It implies that what people · dJJ is more important, more "real," than what they say, or that · the latter is important only for what it can reveal about the · former. It is as if the psychologist wanted to wash his hands altogether of mental states and their organization, as if to assert that "saying," after all, is only about what one thinks, feels, believes, experiences. How curious that there are so few studies that go in the other direction: how does what one dJJes reveal what one thinks or feels or believes?

When Evans-Pritchard had finished interviewing his' informants about their religious beliefs, he courteously asked them whether they would like to ask him any questions about his. One of them asked shyly about the divinity that he wore on his wrist, consulted each time he seemed to make a major decision. Evans-Pritchard, a devout Catholic, was as surprised by the difficulty he had in explaining to his interlocutors that his wristwatch was not a deity as he was by the question they - , had asked in the first instance.

Rational choice theory has little or nothing to say about how values arise--whether they are gut reactions, whether historically determined, or what. Both the irrationalist and the rationalist approaches to values miss one crucial point: values inhere in commitment to "ways of life," and ways of life in their complex interaction constitute a culture. We neither shoot our values from the hip, choice-situation by choice-situation, nor are they the product of isolated individuals with strong drives and compelling neuroses.

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