Ruth Ryan Langan's Addy Starr (Love Spell) PDF

By Ruth Ryan Langan

ISBN-10: 0505519895

ISBN-13: 9780505519894

ISBN-10: 0585309795

ISBN-13: 9780585309798

Desperately collecting as a lot wealth as attainable in an effort to start the hunt for her misplaced sisters, Addy reveals herself stuck up in her passions for an embittered invalid, a drunken loner, and a mysterious and obsessive stranger.

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He turned away to stare at the dusty landscape. It didn't compute. She probably had a motive. If she did, he'd uncover it. It was just a matter of time. Noting the fresh pot of coffee, Addy poured herself a cup and rummaged through the cupboards for something to eat. Except for some stale cereal and half a jar of peanut butter, the cupboards were as bare as the refrigerator. But she knew she could make do. Hadn't she always? She made toast and spread it with peanut butter. While she ate she opened the windows wide to rid the room of the musty smell of mildew and stale cigar smoke.

When the dust settled, Addy picked up the battered suitcase she'd bought at a garage sale and stared around at the dizzying maze of buildings. Though the sun was barely setting on the horizon, the lights had already been turned on, creating a blaze of neon. The street was lined with bars, restaurants and casinos, all shouting their wares to the passing tourists. There was nothing quiet or elegant or dignified about this part of town. She wondered if all of Reno would be like this. Loud, coarse, vulgar.

If you must know, I'm doing it for the money. " She turned away. He'd never know how important. " She heard the raspy, tobacco-roughened voice and hurried to the doorway of Jake's bedroom. " With his hands wrapped around the bar over his head, he'd pulled himself to a sitting position in the bed. He was wearing a pair of loose fitting boxer shorts and nothing else. " She turned on the water and waited, adjusting the temperature until it was perfect. When she walked from the bathroom she saw him lift himself from the bed and move across the bar, hand over hand, until he was positioned over the wheelchair.

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