W G Frankenburg; V I Komarewsky; Eric K Rideal's Advances in catalysis PDF

By W G Frankenburg; V I Komarewsky; Eric K Rideal

ISBN-10: 0080565077

ISBN-13: 9780080565071


content material: entrance hide; Advances in Catalysis and comparable topics, quantity III; Copyright web page; Contents; members to quantity III; Editors' Preface; bankruptcy 1. Balandin's Contribution to Heterogeneous Catalysis; I. advent; II. The Multiplet concept; III. dialogue of the idea; IV. Steric concerns in Catalysis; References; bankruptcy 2. Magnetism and the constitution of Catalytically lively Solids; I. creation; II. basic rules; III. Experimental tools; IV. The Susceptibility Isotherm; V. Supported Chromium Oxide; VI. Supported Oxides of Manganese; VII. Supported Nickel Oxide VIII. Supported Iron OxideIX. Supported Copper Oxide; X. similar structures; XI. Self-Supported platforms; XII. Ferromagnetism; XIII. identity of Ferromagnetic stages; XIV. response strategies; XV. answer procedures; XVI. precis; References; bankruptcy three. Catalytic Oxidation of Acetylene in Air for Oxygen Manufacture; I. advent; II. of Air and Acetylene; III. Acetylene removing; IV. Catalyst Compositions; V. Regeneration; VI. Mechanism of the Oxidation Reactions; VII. Mechanism of the Oxidation by way of Silver Nitrate; References; bankruptcy four. The Poisoning of metal Catalysts I. Catalysts at risk of PoisoningII. primary sorts of Catalyst Poisons; III. the shape of Catalyst Poisoning Curves; IV. extra components Influencing Toxicity; V. priceless Poisoning; References; bankruptcy five. Catalytic Cracking of natural Hydrocarbons; I. advent; II. Catalytic Cracking Reactions; III. Catalytic Cracking of Paraffins; IV. Catalytic Cracking of Olefins; V. Catalytic Cracking of Naphthenes; VI. Catalytic Cracking of fragrant Hydrocarbons; VII. constitution of Cracking Catalysts; References; bankruptcy 6. Chemical features and constitution of Cracking Catalysts I. IntroductionII. dimension of the "Acidity" of Cracking Catalysts; III. id of the Acid facilities because the Catalytically energetic websites; IV. constitution of the Acid; V. Mechanism of Hydrocarbon Reactions on a Cracking Catalyst; References; bankruptcy 7. response premiums and Selectivity in Catalyst Pores; I. advent; III . The actual photo of the Pore constitution; III. Mechanism of delivery in Catalyst Pores; IV. actual elements picking response charges on Porous Catalysts . (Definition of cost Constants, the elemental Differential Equation and the legislation of Conservation of Mass V. response charges in unmarried PoresVI. response premiums on functional Catalyst Pellets; VII. response charges on Poisoned Catalysts (Apparent Selective Poisoning); VIII. impression of Pore constitution on Catalyst Selectivity; Appendix; thesaurus of Symbols; References; bankruptcy eight. Nickel Sulfide Catalysts; I. advent; II. The Nickel-Sulfur Equilibrium; III. actual Adsorption of Gases on Ni2S2 Catalysts; IV. Chemisorption of Gases on Ni2S2; V. helps for Stabilizing Nickel Sulfide; VI. education of Nickel Sulfide Catalysts; VII. valuable lifestyles and Regeneration
summary: ADVANCES IN CATALYSIS quantity three

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