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By Simon Funk

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People do work, but only very casually as bakers, handymen, and the like, and more often as musicians, artists, actors, playwrights, and so on. e. as Laura describes it, the economy here appears mostly based upon entertaining each other. I wonder where the inventors and scientists are. The whole concept of technological progress seems both foreign and unnecessary to Laura. Has the population been drugged into apathy? Or if necessity is the mother of invention, is utopia its grim reaper? I wonder if I could build a hot air balloon and travel to the stars...

Just as I left it, just as I left it some days ago when I naively leapt out that door, not to my death as it could easily have been, but to my great confusion. Two things I had noted earlier on the 3D map. There was a large chamber just outside The Boundary not far from where I landed in the pond that first day. Besides being the only such chamber on the map, it was also the only thing that extended more than ten yards or so beyond The Boundary. But there was no remaining access to it—all tubes and tunnels had been snipped.

Then she gasped her own air, and I checked her pulse, and we all just stayed there for a while without moving or saying any more until she was ready to take home. Laura was the first to offer a story. She told him simply that something in the room had fallen and hit her in the head. He seemed placated by this, particularly since it came from her and not me. Laura, on the other hand, did not seem placated, and gave me a look I knew would, for the first time, demand much explaining. Chapter 10 Awakening Last night’s dream felt much like the one before, although this time I could see and hear.

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