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By Philip Wylie

After Worlds Collide alternatives up the tale of its predecessor, When Worlds Collide. This sequel tells the tale of the survivors' growth at the new global Bronson Beta after the destruction of Earth by way of a rogue planet.

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Above it was an inscription in the unknown language of the unknown inhabitants of Bronson Beta. Tony took hold of the ring and pulled it. Much to his astonishment two gates quietly and swiftly separated. Air blew from the city with a gusty sound, air that seemed age-old, and continued to blow as they hesitantly walked through the gate. Inside, under the mighty glass dome, they were confronted by a stupendous spectacle. Straight through the heart of the circular city ran a highway along the edge of which were two rails, so that by leaning over they ascertained a moment later that underneath this top street were other thoroughfares at lower levels.

Look at it! ” For a door at the farther edge of this room now slowly was rising. ” Eliot whispered. ” “Then, that’s it. ” “Sure,” said Tony. ” They stepped to the opening. Utter darkness dropped below them. There was a shaft, there—a shaft which, under other circumstances, might have showed machinery. Now it was empty. Tony and Eliot James knelt side by side at its edge. They shouted, and no voice came back to them. Tony took a cartridge and dropped it. For so long did it fall silently that they were sure, as they listened, that it must have struck something which gave no sound; then they heard it strike.

It twanged, not like glass but like sheet metal—metal utterly transparent. Tony caught the butt in his palm, and he pulled the trigger. The shot roared and reechoed. But the metal pane was not pierced. The bullet he had fired lay at Tony’s feet Hysterically, he emptied his pistol. With the last shot, he jerked about again and stared up at the rows and rows of windows. Did something up there stir? Eliot James jumped and pointed; and Tony stiffened as he stared. Something fluttered a hundred yards overhead and farther down the street; something light, like a cloth or a paper.

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