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The iconographical details of the Japanese Taki-6 correspond in not one single instance with those of his Indian or Tibetan counterpart, only the names being identical. 7. Aizen as By6d6-6 It might be a surprise to see the Esoteric King of Lust even identified with the God of Death (Emma-ten). But in this function Aizen is treated in the important ritualistic and iconographic texts (fig. 22),48where it is stated that Aizen-6 is identical with Emma-ten (Yama) into whom Vairocana has transformed himself.

The colour of his body is white with a tinge of blue. His two main hands hold bow and arrow in an attitude comparable to Tenkyii-Aizen, the other two form the usual fist and brandish a lotus flower. Instead of forming a fist the second right hand may also hang down loosely in a kind of va~ada-mud~z. The two left legs should be bent into the half-locked position, whereas the two right ones should hang down in front of the lotus. The god is seated on a white lotus flower in front of a sun disk, and the whole arrangement rests on the back of a grotesque lion with four heads, treading with each of his paws onto a coiled snake.

The Aizen represented on this paper held a disk which looked like a red jewel. The same source quotes the monk Ryush6 (12651314) of the Ninna-ji who is supposed to have said: "If one lets him (Aizen) hold a round object, this is a luck-bringing specimen (figs. "O It then corresponds to the essence of all living beings which is, of course, spiritual (tanzashii), and should be seen as incorporation of the Mind of Enlightenment (hoddishin) present in all creatures. Especially the T6ji School of Shingon Buddhism seems to have focused its interest onto this disk as the essential symbol of Aizen.

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