All Because of You (Lakeview, Book 2) by Melissa Hill PDF

By Melissa Hill

ISBN-10: 009949969X

ISBN-13: 9780099499695

Tara Harrington's lifestyles turns out ideal - a profitable occupation as a existence trainer, the flashy activities vehicle to compare, and a contented domestic with Glenn. but if her tricky more youthful sister Emma broadcasts she's pregnant, and refuses to disclose who the daddy is, suspicions are aroused all around. Tara's ally Liz's fairytale husband, Eric, all of sudden doesn't look so Prince captivating to any extent further, and their dream movement from the town to the rustic isn't understanding as deliberate. yet can Tara support her pal via it?

Glamorous London PR woman Natalie has every thing she ever sought after - other than a husband. And whilst Tara is of the same opinion to teach her in touchdown the newest 'man of her dreams', the 2 girls quickly locate they've got extra in universal than both had imagined.

Can Tara make it on her personal? Will Liz safe her relatives idyll within the nation? and should Natalie ultimately locate love with a guy who merits her?

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