An Aesthesia of Networks: Conjunctive Experience in Art and by Anna Munster PDF

By Anna Munster

ISBN-10: 0262018950

ISBN-13: 9780262018951

This day nearly each element of lifestyles for which info exists might be rendered as a community. monetary facts, social networks, organic ecologies: all are visualized in hyperlinks and nodes, traces connecting dots. A community visualization of a company infrastructure may perhaps glance remarkably just like that of a 17 November. In An Aesthesia of Networks, Anna Munster argues that this uniformity has flattened our event of networks as lively and relational strategies and assemblages. She counters the “network anaesthesia” that effects from this pervasive mimesis through reinserting the query of expertise, or aesthesia, into networked tradition and aesthetics.

Rather than asking how people event desktops and networks, Munster asks how networks experience—what operations they practice and endure to alter and bring new types of event. Drawing on William James’s radical empiricism, she asserts that networked adventure is assembled at the start via family members, which make up its such a lot instantly sensed and perceived point. Munster seriously considers a number modern creative and cultural practices that interact with community applied sciences and methods, together with databases and information mining, the domination of seek in on-line task, and the proliferation of viral media via YouTube. those practices—from artists who “undermine” information to musicians and VJs who use intranetworked audio and video software program environments—are taken with the relationality on the center of today’s community adventure.

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So too, as the dancers walk into webcam view to begin their “routines,” do we watch their uncannily similar entrances; their gestures that repeat and mimic one another, as if one connected monotonous rhythm were infecting online dancers’ performance everywhere. 3 Screenshot from Mass Ornament, Natalie Bookchin, 2009, single-channel HD video installation. Copyright Natalie Bookchin. Image courtesy of the artist. across the entire installation screen in a row, Bookchin also has each separate video begin at different moments into the dancer’s walk toward the camera, before they turn to face it for their performance.

The relations themselves are not performing the real “work” of the media outlet in Monge and Contractor’s network model; instead the nodes/people act as central conduits for the transmission of information. It is not that James disposes of the human as a dimension of the mosaic of experience; rather, he offers us human experience as a direction that might be traced or felt as the mosaic’s pattern individuates according to humans and their associated context. Human experience (“ordinary experience”) is an ordering, a “punctuation” by things, their qualities and the relations of things to one another.

Indeed, under certain machinic tendencies, the exact overlaying of map onto a territory might describe the de/reterritorializing semiosis: “On a map of an island laid down upon the soil of that island there must, under all ordinary circumstances, be some position, some point, marked or not, that represents qua place on the map the very same point qua place on the island” (Peirce, 1932: 230). Rather than read these remarks as the ultimate conflation of signifier with signified, we might see Charles Sanders Peirce’s overlay of map and terrain diagrammatically.

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