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By Gerard Clauson

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Suff. ;. rare and obsolescent. SUFFIXES xlvi -M:-l-se:- forms Desid. Den. s form two classes: ( I ) those derived fr. g. evse:- 'to long for home'; (2) those derived fr. g. bar&a:- 'to wish to go'. Also a Der. , cqually common; in Kaj. 1281, 1 1 it is said that barsa:- is permissible, but b a r ~ k s a : -the more usual form. See also I 279 ff. -11:- (-1i:-) very rare Sec, f. g. tum11:-. -M:-14:- forms Simulative Den. g. a p g s l : - ; very rare in the basic f. 1282; also a Dev. Suff. S arc usually Intrans.

Giles Gr. prefix, 'foreign loan-word', para. I 8 (3). form. ). Family Archiz,e, para. 64 (6). from. para. 28. Code letter, para. 15. Code letter, para. 15. Genitive case. Gerund. H. A. Giles, Chinese-Englisli Dictionary, London, 1912. Prof. I<. Gronbech, para. 47. 21 (3) (d). Prof. Erich Haenisch, para. 63 (I). Matthew Ilaltod, para. 63 (3). Hapax legomenon, 'occurring only once', p m . 7. Hendiaduoin, two words combined to give one meaning. M. T h . Iloutsma, para. 49. Iliien-tsang, pam. 21 ( 3 ) (c).

S which are usually Active; rare. g. s, etc. ; very rare and obsolescent. xliv SUFFIXES - g / - ~ g / - j g / - u g / - i i g the commonest Dev. Suff. ; forms a wide range of Dev. ; see K q . 126-7. - q ~ s / - c i gforms Intrans. and Pass. s; attached only to Refl. s in -Ei, fr. Simulative V s in -sI:-14:- fr. Dev. s in -G. -k (after vowels and -r-)/-ak/-ek/-~k/-ik of these -k is rather common, the rest rather rare. Practically syn. W. -2; there does not seem any discoverable rule for deciding which Suff.

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